Investments are great for inducing financial stability, supporting companies you believe in, and of course for growing your nest egg.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a program that adds another aspect to this; the opportunity to gain a respectable return on your investment while fulfilling your social responsibility.

The NDIS supports Aussies with disabilities by providing them with the resources necessary to live a dignified and comfortable life. Their services include helping their participants find privately established accommodations that are equipped with specialized features that improve their quality of life.

By investing in these Specialized Disability Accommodations (SDA), or in mutual funds that develop and build them, it’s possible to simultaneously help Aussies with disabilities and get a return on your investment.

Risk and Reward

This type of investment is relatively low-risk since the government is responsible for the payments of NDIS participants. To top it all off, the government provides a three-month rental guarantee in the case of vacancies.

But with 460,000 Australians living with disabilities accessing the services of the NDIS, the demand for SDAs is quite high, so vacancies should be rare and short-lived.

With that said, there is a certain degree of risk in every investment. With NDIS funds, the risk lies with the provider. Providers that don’t comply with the standards set by the NDIA could have their registration revoked or they could even be banned from the program altogether. This is why it’s vital to partner with high-quality providers with proven track records.

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